How Business Leaders Are Dealing with the Cybersecurity Skill Shortage

September 19, 2018 | BY Apptega

 “Cybersecurity professionals worldwide face an ever-evolving threat landscape that many feel they are ill-equipped to manage.” When this statement is coming from the Center for Cyber Safety and Education and (ISC)2’s 2017 Global Information Security Workforce Study, it commands attention. Working in such an innovative industry as technology, it comes as no surprise that threats evolve alongside innovation. It is the second part of that statement that is worrisome- that companies are not ready to deal with what is headed their way. This status isn’t due to a lack in effort in seeking IT professionals, but rather the lack of professionals themselves.

Two-thirds of respondents, from the same study, stated that there is not enough IT and cybersecurity talent within their own companies to combat these changes and challenges. This disparity can be attributed to the security gender gap, disinterest in cybersecurity from younger individuals in software, and resources and talent already being allocated to other tasks. Regardless of the individual cause with the most relevance to your company, the reality is that something needs to be done to mend this gap.

Instead of looking to the not-so-available workforce for this answer, why not look to the backbone of the security industry- technology. While people may not be available to handle your companies increasing cybersecurity needs, technology can. And the latest technological advance that can help build, manage, and report your cybersecurity is Apptega.

So, no people, no problem! Apptega is closing the talent gap and replacing complex processes that require brainpower and hours that you don’t have with simple-to-use software, giving any of your employees the ability to contribute to your compliance without the formal experience and training needed to be an IT professional. With the “ask an expert,” feature embedded into the applications, individuals can have their security questions answered by certified experts. With the platform Apptega provides, tasks are managed and delegated to different people in your organization, allowing for you to best allocate the human resources you already have. This one-stop-shop for housing your cybersecurity information and then generating a report of this information make interpreting and understanding this information easy for everyone.

While this specialty shortage may cause issues for some companies, don’t let it bother you. With Apptega, you won’t be asking how to fill the talent gap, but rather asking, what talent gap?

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