Staying Ahead and Standing Out with your Cybersecurity Plan

June 19, 2018 | BY Apptega

 In 2017, the cybersecurity market cap reached $86B and is expected to increase to $170B by the year 2021. With the rapid growth in this industry, the potential for opportunities and threats arise. As cybersecurity advances, so does the intelligence of cyber criminals and the risks they pose to your company. An increasing problem for companies is their tendency to avoid innovative thinking, brought on by fear and uncertainty. Instead, they should be challenging their current cybersecurity plan of action to seek improvements in any way possible. These days, "orchestration and automation are giving us the ability to contextualize the data so that we have the confidence to act," says Jon Ramsey, CTO of SecureWorks.

Traditionally, companies rely on the established mentality of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” However, cybersecurity is an area in which it is too crucial to be thinking multiple steps ahead to avoid the high cost, stress, and damage to your brand that comes with a security breach. With a fast-changing cybersecurity environment, as articulated by SecureWorks, the more appropriate mentality should be “fix it before it breaks.” Altering your strategy from a reactive approach to a proactive one is essential to reducing your company’s cybersecurity risk.

When was the last time you took steps toward updating your company’s cybersecurity plan? Is there a universal understanding of the cybersecurity goals and needs across departments in your company? Does everyone in your organization have a collective idea of staying secure and avoiding risk?  It is not just the job of the CIO or IT workers, but everyone must have an understanding of their role in maintaining a sound cybersecurity posture. In today's market, "Security is not an IT issue – it's a business imperative and security pros need to start thinking like software developers," says Ramsey.

Apptega provides a centralized platform to design, manage and report on your organization's cybersecurity program. With Apptega, roles and responsibilities can be delegated and managed company-wide. Assigning roles and tasks to various employees provides visibility. People can take responsibility and be held accountable to contribute toward a sound cybersecurity environment. While IT workers can use Apptega to track projects and documents,  CIOs and the board get the benefit of real-time PowerPoint, Excel, and Word reports that highlight the current state of the program. Apptega provides a user-friendly solution that helps codify the mentality of “fix it before it breaks.”

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