Are You Doing These Things To Minimize Your Non-Billable Hours?

September 24, 2018 | BY Apptega

Are you losing sleep over pesky Excel spreadsheets.  Are you juggling different clients against different spreadsheets with different frameworks and assessments?   With all of these complex variables, it becomes a daunting task to stay organized and focused on billable hours.  Apptega makes it easy for both you and your clients. Apptega helps consultants around the world build, manage, and report the cybersecurity programs of their clients. With our platform you can deliver more engagement value, increase productivity 50x, and generate annuity-based recurring revenue. 

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How do we do it? Apptega delivers real-time compliance scoring, project life-cycle, task management, calendaring, collaboration, budgeting, dashboards and reports - all in one place. This means you can conduct data-driven client review sessions in real-time while eliminating hundreds of hours of admin time. We align you and your clients on a single platform to get cybersecurity done. 

Apptega is 100% SaaS, delivering annuity-based recurring revenue streams while displaying your clients’ cybersecurity postures and gaps in real time. This unprecedented view drives immediate collaboration and upsell opportunities to improve security scores with additional services from your portfolio.

Our program is simple and designed for consultancies of all sizes – from one-person boutiques to large teams. With no complex pricing tiers or minimums, our pay-as-you-go model is designed to scale with your practice, making it easy to enroll your clients without assuming risk.

Check out our recent Webinar highlighting the benefits of Apptega for Cybersecurity Consultants.

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