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June 10, 2019 | BY Apptega

When it comes to managing your cybersecurity program, there are tons of obstacles to overcome and challenges to address. Popular IT news website CSO by IDG conducted a fascinating study (CSO Cyber Study) in which 400 IT and cybersecurity professionals from small to mid-sized companies were surveyed and asked to name the biggest cybersecurity challenges they face.   Behind general disorganization and informal processes, the second most common answer for the number 1 cybersecurity issue they face was how difficult it is to manage the complexity of too many disconnected cybersecurity tools. 27% of respondents said that this was the biggest challenge they face, in fact. 

The reality is that delegating tasks in a way that ensures everything gets done appropriately is a challenge for any manager, particularly when it relates to a complex, evolving entity such as cybersecurity. Even with an easy to use cybersecurity management software like Apptega in your corner, interpreting the various controls and manually converting them into scheduled tasks in an effective manner can be very difficult. Regardless of which framework or best practice your company utilizes, there are often 500-600 actionable items defined by the framework guidance that need to be converted into separate tasks and delegated accordingly.  Apptega now offers a way to eliminate this issue entirely with a new state of the art feature we call "Task Packs". 


With Apptega's Task Packs, customers are saving more than 10 hours manually administering tasks to meet a frameworks guidance.


With the traditional Apptega package, users are encouraged to assign tasks based on the framework guidance in order to complete their program's various controls and subcontrols in their effort to become secure/compliant. With task packs, the process of creating and assigning hundreds of tasks to the right personnel within the organization becomes automated. To use them, a supervisor merely has to assign the pre-determined tasks accordingly and set up a timeline for completion, rather than writing in the tasks manually. Task Packs will then act as a step-by-step guide toward maintaining a robust program, and just like that a challenge that can take weeks to address is eliminated. 


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As one would expect, compliance requirements and related tasks vary greatly between different frameworks and best practices. PCI-DSS has over 300 "testing criteria", for example, so Apptega now offers a PCI Task Pack that converts each of these into coinciding actionable tasks. The SOC 2 framework similarly has over 300 "points of focus" that have been translated as a Task Pack. In addition to these, Apptega provides Task Packs for NIST 800-171 and the California Consumer Privacy Act.  Apptega will continue to innovate and soon offer Task Packs for NIST 800-53, CIS CSC, ISO 27001, GDPR, NYDFS, and more coming soon.  


PCI, SOC 2, NIST 800-171, NIST CSF, HIPAA and CCPA Tasks Packs are Available Today.  More Tasks Packs are Coming Soon 


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