Non Profit Organizations Risk Assessments and Strong Cybersecurity

August 2, 2018 | BY Apptega


For the majority of nonprofit organizations, risk assessments emphasize the protection of funding and reputational damage. However, cybercriminals are becoming more aware of the sensitive information gathered by nonprofits, such as social security numbers, billing information, health information, donor credentials, and confidential emails. Therefore, prevention of data breaches should be one of the main focuses of nonprofit risk assessments today. They have the potential to cause just as much damage to a nonprofit organization as a loss of funding or a mis-hap that affects their reputation negatively.

As hackers became a major threat to companies throughout recent years, they mainly focused on larger businesses with confidential credit card information, specifically retail stores. However, hackers have now discovered that nonprofit organizations are an easy target, because most of them do not have a strong cybersecurity posture to prevent criminals from coming in and stealing private data. For example, “In Muncie, Indiana, a small nonprofit organization called the Little Red Door had all their data stolen from their server and held ransom for a whopping $43,000. If the nonprofit paid, the hackers claimed, they would return the data and not publish it.” - Sheela Nimishakavi, author at the Nonprofit Quarterly.

Money is not the only thing at stake for nonprofits who become victims of data breaches. If word of a data breach against nonprofits gets out, it causes members to be more hesitant to become involved, leading to a decrease in funding. If donors do not feel the organizations will take the proper measures to ensure the protection of their sensitive information, they are much more reluctant to contribute. In order for nonprofits to maintain a consistent flow of incoming funding, it is important for them to protect their reputation by ensuring their sensitive data will not be stolen.

So, how do nonprofits go about securing a strong cybersecurity plan? – It starts with Apptega. Apptega’s platform is the first cybersecurity management software designed to help you build, manage, and report your cybersecurity plan. With the option to work based off the foundation of an established or customized framework, nonprofit organizations have the ability to follow a plan customized specifically to their company’s needs and preferences. Apptega provides a place for security leaders within your organization to hold people accountable for their responsibilities through task delegation, as well as year-round budget allocation and management. It is difficult to regain the public’s trust after a data breach in the news, so stay on your donors' good sides with Apptega.

If you would like to learn more, request a demo today.  Also, check out the recent cybersecurity expert panel we put together focused on Non Profit Organizations.


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