Why CIOs Are Valuing Cybersecurity Automation

January 22, 2018 | BY Apptega

Salesforce.com is the largest, most widely used CRM company in the world. It has fundamentally changed the way organizations sell, market and manage their customers by replacing painful, expensive, and labor-intensive methods with intuitive tools and dashboards that provide unprecedented organization, visibility and control. It’s time for cybersecurity to make a similar big leap.

Cybersecurity Is Hard
Let's face it, building, managing and reporting a cybersecurity program today is challenging. The threat landscape is constantly changing.  Every company in a supply chain, big and small, is being audited on cybersecurity by their customers. More companies are touching your data because you’re outsourcing more to the cloud creating more points of risk. There are too many vendors with point solutions you’re trying to manage. And, there is a shortage of affordable security talent to help you reach your goals. Today, many companies manage their security programs the hard way - with spreadsheets – to track compliance, follow frameworks, manage tasks, monitor vendors, report, and everything in between.

The New Way - Cybersecurity Automation
The cybersecurity industry needs a salesforce.com. Imagine cybersecurity automation – a platform that provides frameworks to follow (such as NIST, PCI, HIPAA, CSF, etc or you can build your own), dashboards on your current compliance to the subcontrol level, visibility into your 12-month cybersecurity program roadmap, tools to manage vendors, link policies, and instantly generate reports for Board meetings, audits, internal reviews and customer requests. This is salesforce.com for cybersecurity, and it’s here right now.

Apptega was created by executives just like you - to use technology to unify, track and report cybersecurity more easily than any other approach. Now you can achieve complete visibility and control of your cybersecurity data. Real-time compliance scoring mapped exactly to what needs to get done to improve compliance. Collaboration with your entire team on goals and tasks. Being 100x more efficient in getting cybersecurity done.

Excel was invented in 1985. It’s time for an upgrade.

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