The Best Way to Present Cybersecurity to Your Board

August 14, 2018 | BY Apptega



Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly more important. So, it’s not surprising that more company’s boards are asking for CIOs to report on the company’s cybersecurity posture. According to Robert McMilan, research director at Gartner, “It’s critical that security and risk management leaders supply board-relevant and business-aligned content." Cybersecurity reporting is essential to any business with customers, investors, or that maintains sensitive information.

When asked for reports on your company’s cybersecurity posture, what do you do? 

What information should be included in the reports? What information shouldn’t be? What is the best way to update the board without getting caught up in technical jargon? Just figuring out the answers to all of these questions can be difficult, but the process of finding and analyzing the information can also be tedious, confusing, and require many man hours. Too often when trying to create these reports, people get lost scrolling through endless Excel spreadsheets looking for information. This inefficiency is hindering CIOs and CISOs productivity and redirecting time that could be better focused elsewhere. As boards request cybersecurity information more frequent, do you have the time available to spend creating these reports?

Apptega’s one-click reports makes creating cybersecurity reports simple. It's no longer necessary to spend the hours sifting through endless excel spreadsheets or tracking down your team for the latest updates. You can choose between generating full program reports, board reports, or create a custom reports that meets your unique needs.  Apptega’s board reports can be created as a PowerPoint for a repeatable visual, and easy to follow presentation that summarizes your cybersecurity program. Apptega's KPIs visually display your progress towards the company's cybersecurity controls and sub-controls. The report includes a cybersecurity budget summary and the allocated budget details. Apptega takes the organizing out of reporting and let's you get back to supporting the growth of the business.

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