MSP Webinar Recap: What You Need to Know

July 26, 2018 | BY Apptega


On June 26th, Apptega showcased their revolutionary new platform for Managed Service Providers in a webinar led by CEO Armistead Whitney. The webinar allowed MSP’s to gain a further understanding of the management software as a whole and what they can gain from adding Apptega to their cybersecurity plan. In the webinar Armistead stresses, “It’s not a lack of cybersecurity technology and tools, it’s a lack of easily organizing, pricing, supporting, and delivering personalized cybersecurity offerings.” Apptega helps MSP’s build, manage and report cybersecurity on one simple platform.

The webinar focused on 4 main things:

1. Educating MSP’s on how to sell 10x more cybersecurity from your own portfolio of services and products

2. Adding compliance-as-a-service as a new revenue stream

3. How to turn your team into cybersecurity superheroes

4. How new technology automates cybersecurity management

Special guests Andrew Edstrom, CISO for the United Technology Group and Stana Steen, President of High Standards Technology inc. joined Armistead to give viewers their expert opinions on the industry and to share their personal experiences with cybersecurity as a Managed Service Provider and how the needs of the marketplace have changed over time.

Overall, Armistead addresses the marketplace as a whole and the current trends in cybersecurity. With cybersecurity there is no size limit, you could have a small physician’s office that has HIPAA requirements or a law firm that is being constantly audited by its customers on security because of the sensitive data law firms are handling.

So-what are MSP’s using to grow cybersecurity and have more compliance revenue streams? As an MSP building cybersecurity programs for your clients there’s really only 3 things you need. You need to be able to design the program, to implement the program, and to build reports. Apptega allows for you to easily pick a framework (HIPAA, PCI, ect.) or to even design and implement your own custom framework. You can then implement that framework and build out reports straight from the data already in your platform to give to your board.

To watch the full Apptega MSP webinar click here



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