Benefits of Being an Apptega Reseller

June 25, 2018 | BY Apptega

Cybersecurity is the basis of keeping companies safe, protected, and compliant. Companies are becoming increasingly cognizant of the need to protect their organizations from cybercriminals and hackers. With data breaches hitting the news daily, CIO's and IT leaders are being asked by their Board for assurances that they are protecting the business. Even companies not traditionally regulated are being questioned about their cybersecurity practices by their board and their customers and must maintain a strong posture. Value Added Resellers have an opportunity to act as a trusted advisor and help their customers navigate the complexities of an over-populated cybersecurity marketplace.  

While there are many cybersecurity solutions in the market, cybersecurity management is a way to help organizations pull their programs together.  The majority of the Small & Medium Enterprise accounts are using spreadsheets in lieu of a platform to manage compliance, reports, tasks, and budget allocation all in one place.  

So, how does Apptega add value to your company? The Apptega solution helps resellers frame the benefits of the technologies that are required to build a strong cybersecurity posture.  By helping align to an industry framework like NIST CSF, or the CIC Critical Security Controls (formerly SANS Top 20), our partners are working hand in hand with their clients to visualize the progress and maturity of their program. 

Ferrol Macon, Vice President of Architecture and Strategy at Veristor Systems praises Apptega saying, "With Apptega, our clients now have a robust platform for implementing multiple maturity models, frameworks and road-maps with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Apptega is a big differentiator in our product suite and our clients simply love it."

By documenting a company's cybersecurity roadmap with Apptega, our partners are helping IT professionals justify their need for an increase in cybersecurity spending. Through effectively communicating the company’s needs, resellers can work closely with their customers to position necessary security offerings. Apptega will keep your customers coming back with demands for adjacent technologies and staff augmentation to reach the next framework milestone.

As a SaaS platform, Apptega brings additional value to the reseller by providing a recurring revenue model.  Instead of one-time revenue associated with hardware or services, customers using Apptega will provide the partner with annual recurring revenue. Apptega provides a lucrative "Deal Registration" program with high margins and the ability to minimize pricing pressures from competition. Being an early adopter of Apptega, gives access to a willing marketplace that needs to build, manage, report, and track cybersecurity programs. Resellers have the ability to maintain profits while being protected from competitors attempting to come in and undercut on price.

To learn more about how Apptega can help you increase your organizations cybersecurity revenues, visit to learn more.


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