Staying Compliant and On-Budget: Financial Benefits of Apptega

August 1, 2018 | BY Apptega

With the importance of internal controls, it is becoming increasingly expensive to keep up with your cybersecurity, and it isn’t going to get cheaper any time soon. Cybersecurity Ventures says spending is expected to exceed $1 trillion from 2017 to 2021. With companies such as Microsoft, J.P. Morgan, and Bank of America announcing increases in their cybersecurity budgets by hundreds of millions of dollars, a precedent has been set for all companies to start investing in and recognizing the value of having a strong cybersecurity plan. Although the trend has been set by these huge enterprises, small and medium sized companies don’t have the resources and capital to allocate an unlimited budget to cybersecurity implementation.

Fortunately, Apptega understands the high costs associated with internal cybersecurity labor, creating custom reports, and cybersecurity risk assessments along with the increasing expenses caused by data breaches. After 20 years in the technology industry, Armistead Whitney, CEO of Apptega, founded the company based on the reality that everyday businesses need a platform to monitor the cybersecurity efforts they are making, without breaking the bank. That is why Apptega has built a platform designed specifically to decrease the expenses of cybersecurity maintenance, implementation, and reporting.Sample Customer

With Apptega's cybersecurity solution, organizations can streamline the time needed to delegate ownership and program reporting leading to a reduction in the internal cybersecurity team size and the cost savings associated with it. Organizations are provided with one-click reporting tools leading to reduction in man hours spent by cybersecurity engineering resources, creating security reports resulting in an associated cost and labor savings of having a more productive cybersecurity engineering resource. 

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