Accelerate Cybersecurity Automation with Easy Data Migration

January 29, 2018 | BY Apptega

If you’re like many IT professionals, you’ve accumulated a lot of cybersecurity data over the years – from security assessments, policies, plans, and control data to inventory lists, patch management, access control and log files. The list keeps growing and growing. Managing, using and reporting this data in a meaningful way is challenging – especially if it's in dozens of Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and other systems. Yet, your Board of Directors, biggest customers, auditors and other 3rd parties want more visibility into your cybersecurity program. And you do too – understanding your security posture in real time gives you more control and better data decision-making. The good news is cybersecurity automation enables you to easily migrate all of your data into one usable platform.  

Why We Love and Hate Assessments

We have a love/hate relationship with assessments. While it’s an important step in analyzing your “gaps” and “improvement opportunities” with spreadsheets broadcasting green, yellow and red scoring, it's difficult to organize and act on the data.  If you're following an established industry framework like NIST, PCI, SOC 2 or HIPAA you have hundreds of controls and subcontrols to track. Using Excel spreadsheets and Word documents is inefficient – your data is static and siloed with no interconnectivity for prioritizing, delegating, tracking and measuring important details, much less understanding the whole picture. Cybersecurity automation changes that – by migrating your existing data into one platform mapped to a specific framework or security posture enables complete visibility and control of your security data.

You Have Great Policies – Now What?

Every security program starts with a good IT Security Policy that assigns roles and responsibilities, identifies your incident response process, and determines your security goals for user access, password management, back-up and recovery, email, auditing and awareness training, to name a few. Your Security Policy is your playbook for the entire organization that drives priorities, decisions, budgets, vendor selections and resources. However, turning a static policy document into a living and breathing program can’t happen if it’s stuck inside Excel and Word. Imagine migrating the critical data of your security policy into one collaborative platform that links, scores and tracks each element to the control and subcontrol level.   

You’ve Got Data! Apptega’s Data Migration Service

Now that you’ve got assessment data, policies, plans and artifacts in Excel, Word and other static formats you’re ready to get started with cybersecurity automation. But what if your your resources are stretched thin and you don’t have a lot of time?  Apptega is here to help. As an Apptega customer, our certified security professionals will migrate all of your existing security data into Apptega for you – mapped to your framework of choice – all at no cost to you. You’ll be up and running fast with instant compliance scoring and reporting without having to dedicate any resources. Say hello to cybersecurity made simple with data migration services included in your Apptega subscription. Ready to get started? So are we! 

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