A CIO's Role in Cybersecurity

June 7, 2018 | BY Apptega


Just a few years ago, a CIO’s responsibilities could be summed up into the oversight of traditional information technology and computer systems. Now, with the evolution and expansion of technology into every business process, the role of the CIO has also evolved to include maintenance, management, and leadership of cybersecurity strategy. Thus, making the role of the CIO increasingly crucial to insuring safe practices and protecting valuable information throughout the company.

“A CIO has a really critical role when it comes to instantiating security inside of an organization across all the business lines, plus the responsibility for really handling risk mitigation activities that span the spectrum for the entire organization,” according to Lance Weaver, the VP of Product Strategy and Emerging Services at Equinix. It is important that information security becomes a fundamental principle implemented by the CIO to be instilled and practiced widely by all employees.

By creating structure and setting an example for cybersecurity behavior, a company culture of compliance is established not just for people working directly with IT, but for everyone. Starting at the top with C-suite executives and the CIO, this ideology “trickles down” to create an environment promoting safety and protection. When this environment is established, cybersecurity efficiency improves yielding better performance, innovation, and a “higher capability for protecting digital assets” (Weaver). Implementing this strategy throughout your company just got that much easier- with Apptega.

Apptega gives the CIO an industry (HIPAA, ISO27001, etc.) or custom framework to manage compliance based on company’s specific needs. With Apptega, the CIO can have visibility to the cybersecurity program goals and ensure that employees across multiple departments are managing tasks to ensure compliance.  By delegating roles and responsibilities, the CIO has an organized way to manage all aspects of cybersecurity. With access to real-time reporting and budget allocations, the Chief Information Officer has structured, detailed, and readily-available information to excel at their role as a cybersecurity leader.

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