Companies Are Breaking Up with Excel for Managing Cybersecurity - Here’s Why

May 6, 2019 | BY Apptega

Excel is great for pivot tables and financial modeling, but one of its greatest weakness is that it's one-dimensional, not collaborative, static, and frustrating for generating on-demand reports.  And who really likes seeing #DIVO all the time?  Many organizations still use hundreds of Excel spreadsheets to manage their cybersecurity programs.  Excel was invented in 1985 and it's time for an upgrade.  

Many companies are still using Excel with multiple workbooks and complex formulas to capture and retain crucial information about cybersecurity compliance controls.  This dumps hoards of Excel workbooks in file shares and hard-drives...all with critical information about their company’s cybersecurity posture sitting in disconnected silos.  When cybersecurity is being managed in Excel it can take days and weeks to pull the information together for customer audits, Board meetings, and due diligence.  It's time to break up with Excel and manage cybersecurity a whole new way.   

Apptega- Breaking up with excel

Apptega makes it easy to switch from one dimensional Excel to an intuitive and easy-to-use platform for cybersecurity management.   You can now stop scrambling around trying to assemble all the Excel data into a confident story.  When customers ask for cybersecurity posture reports, you can now create them in seconds with our one-click reporting.  Assign tasks automatically.  Track vendors.  Link to policies.  Easily assign ownership of every element of your program to other colleagues across the company and hold them accountable. By automating cybersecurity with Apptega, ditch Excel and never turn back. Request a demo today and we'll show you how other companies like yours are upgrading their cybersecurity by breaking up with Excel. 

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