How 20 Years in Enterprise Security Software Led Me to Apptega

February 14, 2018 | BY Gavin Harris

By Gavin Harris 

January 1998 - Joined Computer Associates (CA) for an 8 Year Crash Course in Information Technology

January 2018 - Joined Apptega Cybersecurity Management

For 20 years I have had the pleasure of helping IT leaders leverage technology to grow their business and address the challenges of a fast changing IT landscape. Having helped hundreds of companies around the globe, I have seen the market mature from Mainframe to Client Server to Mobile Cloud.  I am excited to be starting a new role at Apptega, where we are helping organizations deal with the growing challenge of managing and reporting on their cybersecurity programs.

CA’s portfolio touches every aspect of the datacenter from Mainframe to Distributed System, On-Premise to Cloud, Systems and Database Management to Storage and Security.   Thanks to CA's broad portfolio and phenomenal customer relationships, I gained an invaluable perspective on the challenges of the CIO and IT leaders.  Following CA, I spent 10 years in mobility startups as standards were adopted and a whole new model of Mobile Cloud computing emerged.  Two amazing organizations I was fortunate to be a part of, AirWave and AirWatch, helped companies secure the Enterprise as Access Points and Mobile Devices became commonplace.  This new world unlocked huge growth opportunities and efficiencies but also uncovering new corporate risks and vulnerabilities.

I Saw First Hand the Pain of Managing a Cybersecurity Program  

Helping to define and organize our own internal cybersecurity programs, I got to see the steps required to get datacenters and IT organizations ready for SOC2 Type 2 and FedRamp. Rationalizing auditor framework spreadsheets, teams had to work line by line interpreting and addressing every applicable control.  I remember thinking how complicated the process was for the project teams.  They were constantly running around looking for status updates and putting together executive level presentations to provide updates on the project status.  How much time and effort was wasted by inefficient methods of tracking and collecting all the relevant information for each security framework?

As the organization moved under the umbrella of a publicly traded company, my responsibilities around the deployment made me responsible for quarterly Sarbanes Oxley financial attestations.   Our new parent company used RSA Archer to support the attestation process, so I became familiar with Archer while attesting to SOX compliance.  The Archer interface was outdated and very difficult to navigate.  I was only in the console once a quarter and had to relearn how to navigate each time I logged in.  I remember thinking that there had to be a better way. 

Apptega Helps Others Gain Control Over the Pain and Chaos of Managing Cybersecurity

When I met Armistead Whitney, he shared what he and his team at Apptega were building.   As I learned more about Apptega, I jumped at the opportunity to help bring Apptega to other organizations.  Instead of making due with ill-fitting tools like spreadsheets or overly complex and expensive “solutions” like RSA Archer, Apptega provides the right level of control and ease of use at an affordable price.

Having been in the middle of this storm myself, I am excited to help bring Apptega to market and guide organizations towards delivering real-time cybersecurity program updates with the click of a button.  With Apptega, organizations can visualize their journey towards compliance against a growing list of Industry Cybersecurity Frameworks.  If you would like to learn more about Apptega and how we can help you find calm in the storm, sign up for a demo and we’ll share our story and give you a demonstration of Apptega.

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Gavin Harris
VP | Sales & Operations